Live your freelance
dreams with Pyrismic.

Pyrismic eliminates the anxiety of managing your growing creative freelance business.

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A beautiful & intuitive solution

Pyrismic provides you with the tools to progress your career and define your lifestyle through more effective management of your business administration, time, and growth. Allowing you to make the step up to the major leagues.

What’s in the box?

Keep on top of your clients (both potential and existing), manage your side projects, goals and content. Everything you need to be in control of your freelance destiny.


Find new clients and sustain your active ones, alongside managing your side projects, contents and growth - everything you need to ensure your success.


Build your own system from your workflow or follow one of our tried and true templates, designed to work out of the box and facilitate your success.


To aid you on your journey, we've included achievements to add some delight to the experience and allow you to keep track of your growth and progress.


Focus on your big three. We offer a predetermined selection of goals from the following categories: Career, Entrepreneurial and Growth. Reach your ambitions!

Made for freelancers,
by a freelancer.

Condensing over a decade of learning, trial and error is no easy feat. But Jamie Syke, founder of Pyrismic is the right man for the job if there ever was one.

From working with Bumble, Universal Music, Porsche, and many more while running Brotherhood, alongside Cassius Kiani and Fabio Basile. To his work now with AVA, helping global brands solve their big problems through product and design solutions.

After multiple years of successfully planning, building and shipping products, Jamie is now focusing on Pyrismic. He’s still travelling the world, but he’s done searching around and hearing “Yeah, that would be useful... however, no I’ve not heard of anything that does that well” - He’s facilitating the dreams of freelancers to allow them to turn their hard work into true success - be that from growth, or just the freedom of their time to improve their lifestyle.

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We’ll be using the Product Hunt Ship platform to keep our goals public, shape the product and share important updates. If you want to check out our page, head over here.